This time of year is always fun for the household to get out on the ice and do a little fishing,” be careful to check ice depth” before taking mom and the kids out. In this short article we will discuss 3 areas and 3 strategies for capturing Northern Pike thru the ice although there are a number of others. Pike are excellent eating, from the frying pan to marinading them but they are under ranked due to the “Y” bones and the outdoors skin is a little slimy when cleaning up the fish, although the meat is really delicious.
The majority of us know that Pike relate to the weeds most of the year, suspend over deeper water and will rest on the bottom far from the weed’s, all these places have specific strategies for capturing them. Yes, all of us can basically a golden black eye down to the location we think there are pike and most likely catch a couple, these 3 places and 3 strategies will help you capture a lot more. We are only using Idea Ups for the fishing described in this short article, yes, you can utilize rod and reel but we are not.

Area # 1
In this area we are fishing very shallow, from 3 feet to 5 feet deep to the bottom and we remain in an area that has extremely thick and thick weed development 2 feet off the bottom. We seldom ever see pike swimming above the weed growth (with the underwater electronic camera) in this place instead we see pike swimming right thru the dense weeds, yes, best thru the weeds.

This location might be slushy on top of the ice when the rest of the lake is not slushy, the young of the year pan fish are relating to this location and are inside the shallow weeds. These are not tall weeds, in some lakes this weed development looks like and 2 foot thick carpet growing along the bottom of the lake.

Strategy # 1
Here we desire our Golden Shiner straight above the weeds, not 1 or 2 feet above the weeds, we require the fish to come out of the weeds to our bait. Many bait fish will go motionless when a video game fish appears from cover, including your Black eye, so too far above the weeds in this location is bad.

Location # 2
In this area we are fishing beside or a little far from rock bars, sandy points with a drop off, long sloping shallow bays that enter into deep water, extended under water shallow shelves off the shore line and out from existing locations. These are Northern Pike that are suspended out in the water column. Every now and then they are suspended far from a weed bed however generally when they are near weeds they are in the weeds or extremely near the weeds.

Technique # 2
When fishing suspended Pike they can be numerous feet off the bottom not just 1 or 2 feet off the bottom like Walleye, let’s state its 30 feet deep, the pike could be 10 or 15 feet off the bottom. Now when we put our bait to the fish we are still going to put our baits above the depth we believe they are suspended at. We may only have the bait 10 feet listed below the hole and often even less. Using a bigger Golden Black eye is what works for us and a colored hook together with 3 or 4 colored split shot for added attraction. This works for us in all the above explained locations, remember we are utilizing Pointer Ups for all the fishing explained in this short article.