Christmas Pike Fest

This time of year is always fun for the household to get out on the ice and do a little fishing,” be careful to check ice depth” before taking mom and the kids out. In this short article we will discuss 3 areas and 3 strategies for capturing Northern Pike thru the ice although there […]

How to Farm Pike-Perch

Biological Functions Upper jaw extends previous eye level, little teeth in jaws and numerous large fangs in front likewise (never more of 18 branched rays). 2 dorsal fins, the very first spiny and separated by a narrow interspace from the second. Young fish have 8-10 indistinct dusky bars on the sides; these are faint in […]


Pike can be discovered in most water bodies provided it is well oxygenated and is not too acidic, being discovered in freshwater lakes with lots of plant life, rivers (including brackish water in tidal rivers) and canals throughout the UK. They are found throughout northern Europe and the USA. Whilst Pike are thought to actively […]

Ecology, advancement, and management strategies of northern pike populations in the Baltic Sea

Abstract Baltic Sea populations of the northern pike (Esox lucius) have actually declined considering that the 1990s, and they face extra challenges due to ongoing climate modification. Pike in the Baltic Sea generate either in seaside bays or in freshwater streams and wetlands. Pike hired in freshwater have actually been found to comprise about 50 […]

Adjustments of early development to regional generating temperature in anadromous populations of pike (Esox lucius).

Background. In the wake of climate change numerous environments will be exposed to increased and more variable temperature levels. Knowledge about how types and populations react to modified temperature level regimes is for that reason essential to improve projections of how ecosystems will be impacted by international warming, and to help management. We conducted a […]