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Vincennes University
Gene Haas Training and Education and Center (HTEC) Lebanon, Indiana
Industrial Metrology NOW
An Accelerated Training Program for Veterans and Civilians
1. To provide high quality training on state-of-the-art equipment to help bridge the Advanced Manufacturing “skills gap”. 2. To provide well-rounded entry level skilled Quality Inspectors to an industry that is in desperate need.
3. To provide opportunities for students to earn industry recognized American Society for Quality Certification.
4. To prepare Veterans and Civilian adult learners for gainful employment as Quality Inspectors / Calibration Technicians. 5. To prepare students for life-long learning and advancement in the field of Quality Control and Assurance.
The Vincennes University Industrial Metrology NOW program is designed to prepare Veterans and civilian adult learners to become well-rounded entry level Quality Inspectors with upward mobility potential. The curriculum is a combination of Quality Tools and Techniques and extensive hands-on training with inspection equipment ranging from steel scales to computer controlled Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). The duration of the training is 15 weeks or 600 hours. College credit is not awarded for this program, but rather it is designed as an accelerated program of study around industry recognized ASQ Certification and NIMS credentials based on skills needed for a career in Quality Inspection and manufacturing.
Eligibility/Admission Policy:
This program is designed for Veteran and Civilian adult learners. Recent high school graduates are also eligible for program enrollment. Entrance requirements include a high school diploma or a GED and completion of a Metrology Aptitude Exam.
Industry Recognized Credentials:
Vincennes University has partnered with the American Society for Quality to link this program with the Certified Quality Inspector certification. Prior to the completion of the program the student will complete the ASQ Certified Quality Inspector examination. Upon passing the exam, the student will receive the Certified Quality Inspector certification upon completion of the program.
Additionally, the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) credential: Measurement, Materials & Safety will be earned during the program.
(Earning this credential IS expected for successful completion of course.)
Upon successful completion of the program, in addition to earning the ASQ and NIMS certifications, the trainee will be awarded with a Vincennes University Certificate of Completion for the Industrial Metrology NOW training program.
The Vincennes University Industrial Metrology NOW program is recognized by the American Society for Quality and is approved by the Veterans Administration for training. VU will provide all of the training at the Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) located in Lebanon, Indiana at the Gene Haas Training and Education Center. The metrology lab contains 2 complete Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines with both touch and scanning probes and includes 20 offline simulation seats for program development. The lab also has a portable MasterGage CMM arm, optical comparator, digital hardness checker, surface finisher analyzer and over 500 pieces of individual inspection tools and instruments for student use. Additionally, the lab has 24 seats of Minitab 17 and Quality Companion software for statistical data analysis and problem solving.
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