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Welcome to Pike County, Indiana: the median center of U.S. population…at the center of your success!

Our Mission:

To be the driving force of economic development activities that promote growth; by being the trusted agent for development and change in Pike County.

Pike County, Indiana Welcomes Growth

The Pike County Economic Growth and Development Council welcomes growth and supports city and county efforts to maintain a community that offers a great place to do business and call home. Pike County Indiana is especially unique in their vision of promoting growth while keeping small town charm and hospitality in the forefront of community image. Once you visit Pike County, you will be swept away by “Hoosier Hospitality”.

Smart Business Sense

Pike County Indiana makes smart business sense. If you are thinking about manufacturing, distribution or expanding your business, this is the place. When competitive businesses need to reach the rest of the nation in accelerated time, Pike County is the answer!  Petersburg, Indiana is the county seat of Pike County.  In the last US Census, Petersburg Indiana was identified as the median center of US population. It simply makes sense to locate where you can reach the highest number of your customers quickly to help make your business successful in today’s  competitive market. 

Pike County’s great logistical advantages have recently been made even more attractive by the increased accessibility via Interstate 69. The Petersburg I-69 exit curves just one mile away from downtown Petersburg creating countless business opportunities. I-69 links Pike County to all of the major cities within the state and nation providing rapid accessibility to major markets.

Pike County is the median center of US population; at the center of your success!